Nancy Anderson (*director at large)

Janice Burns (*director)

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Official Founding Registry of the Harlequin Pinscher

Set apart from all other Registries and Dog breeds by required genetic testing

Premiere Registry for approved Ethical Breeders
Only known registry in the world which requires breeding of CLEAR tested dogs only!
Association Founded by Nancy Anderson, the Founder of the Breed


The HPA became a member based Registry on 01/01/17 in an effort to better serve the persons joining

and registering with HPA and those who buy from it's members.
Only those agreeing to the Policies, Procedures and Terms are allowed Membership.
Those Members failing to abide by the Policies, Procedures and Terms of Membership are subject to being suspended and/or banned.  

ON 01/01/17 the HPA became a registry for ONLY CLEAR tested Harlequin Pinschers whose genetic test

show them to be Clear of MPS VI, PLL and Cystinuria making the HPA the first known breed Association to

require genetic testing to protect the breed and as a requirement for registration of breeding dogs.