Microchips have become a vital necessity of animal ownership and protection for those breeding animals.

"Onboard" is a U.S. based Microchip Registration Company serving Animal Owners and Breeders in documenting and data-basing Microchips.
"Onboard" serves to help Lost, Stolen and/or Found animals to get returned to their owners by use of Microchip Verification of Ownership.

Breeders can use Microchips for the purpose of positive Identification of a specific animal they have sold.

Many registries now require Microchips as a permanent identification of a registered animal.

​Many Show Circuits now require Microchip Identification to positively identify animals being shown and receiving awards.

"Onboard" is a 1 time lifetime ownership registration (*verses other registries that require annual registration fees) .
(*A Transfer fee  is required with every ownership change to transfer the ownership of the microchip to the pets new owner.)

Registration fee is $19.95 (*please use form)

Purchase of Micro-chip(s):
   Micro-chips can be purchased from Onboard for $19.95 with free shipping.

Added Bonus:
   When purchasing Micro-chips from Onboard the chip is automatically placed in the                        "Onboard" database in the buyers name.

Breeder to New Owner:
     Breeders can purchase the Microchips from "Onboard" and once the animal is sold the             new owner can send in the 'FREE STAMPED' registration form to have the chip transferred       to their name free of charge.  

Update Info:
     Whenever a registered owner of the microchip moves or changes their phone number             they can contact "Onboard" and the information will be updated free of charge.

Transfer from Owner to Owner:
     Transfer of animal from one owner to the next requires a submitted Transfer form and

      a one time $19.95 ownership transfer fee.

Our Database:
     Our database is accessible to many Pet Microchip Recovery Companies increasing the               chances of your pet being recovered and returned.

     Most animals that never get returned to their rightful owner was due to incorrect owner          information or no owner information in the microchip registry database.  When purchasing      from "Onboard" the buyer is automatically placed in the database and only subsequent            owners need to transfer the information.

​Microchip Registration Database
Provided by American Animal Registries

American Canine Registry

Division of American Animal Registries

In case of Lost, Stolen or Found Animals Please Contact: